Release Notes for AppWork Apps

Admin Portal: September 22, 2022

This week’s update includes a few usability updates and bugfixes!


  1. Yardi Integration: Enhanced Yardi integration with AppWork now pulls floor plan names, addresses, and square footage for each unit.
  2. Work Orders: When a work order is closed, if the work order includes “Parts Pending,” the system will mark those parts as “delivered.” As a result, the Parts Pending report will be more accurate.
  3. AutoPay: For clients using AppWork payments, you can now see when a resident has enabled AutoPay.


  1. Technicians: When filtering technicians by a property group the correct technicians appear.
  2. Work Orders: When a work order is closed, if the work order included “Parts Pending”, the system will mark those parts as “delivered.” As a result the Parts Pending report will be more accurate.
  3. Purchase Order: You can now use dashes (-) in the search field.
  4. Daily Insights Report: We removed decimal amounts from the saturation % from this report so that the number will be consistent with the work order saturation reports in the reports module.
  5. Make Ready Board: When switching the property on the make ready board, the data showing on the “Archive” tab will persist.
  6. Yardi Integration: When importing units from Yardi, AppWork pulls the correct number of units.

Admin Portal: September 14, 2022

Get ready for our biggest release yet! We’ve been working hard to make AppWork better than ever. For those users accessing AppWork with their phones, we’ve made huge progress in our responsive implementation. Also, make sure to check out our all-new, fully responsive reports section. Experience maintenance reports like never before with the most user-friendly dashboard in the industry.

New Features:

  1. Reports Section! View, generate, and export reports with a couple of taps. Reports include:

    • Aging Work Orders
    • Open Work Order Status
    • Make Ready Status
    • Completed Work Orders
    • Work Order Saturation
    • Work Order Category
    • Parts Pending
    • Work Order by Role
    • Canceled Work Orders
  2. Technician Management: We’ve made it easier than ever to update technician information. Just edit and AppWork automatically saves your changes. You no longer need to use the save button! That’s why we gave it the boot.

  3. Vendor Management:

    • New and updated vendor dashboard. Get the same incredible data and information for third-party vendors that you get for on-site technicians.
    • More vendor pages are mobile-friendly!
  4. Make Ready Board:

    • Refreshed design for a better user experience.
    • Mobile friendly so you can easily update the board on the go.
  5. Daily Insights Report: Updated design to give you better insights every day.

  6. Purchase Orders:

    • New text message notifications for admins to review and approve POs.
    • Under-the-hood improvements to make the module more stable.
  7. Rental Applications: New! AppWork will automatically send a reminder email to prospective residents if they have saved an application but have not completed it.


  1. Work Order Creation: When changing the work order priority the app won’t reset other fields

  2. Work Order Dashboard:

    • When selecting “all” from the view item per page the app won’t generate a blank page
    • When exporting data from the canceled work order tab the downloaded file will display who canceled the order (vs “Unknown”).
    • You can once again un-assign work orders in bulk.
  3. Work Order Details:

    • The print button within the popup now works.
    • When using “@mention” in the comments no longer generates an error.
    • When using “@resident” the printed pdf won’t show the special characters
    • The translation buttons have been fixed so that when the text is English it says translate in Spanish and vice versa.
    • The images from when a technician completes a work order now appear in the work order timeline.
  4. Technician Management:

    • When creating a new technician the property selected will persist.
    • When the network API call fails you can handle the error on the front end.
  5. Vendor Management:

    • When searching for a vendor the user interface on the screen remains functional.
    • When adding a new skill for a vendor the functionality now matches adding a new skill for a technician.
    • When filtering by property the modal will be fully displayed inside the viewport.
    • When clicking on the achievement graph the statistics update.
  6. Settings:

    • When creating an account for Payscape there is no longer an error.
    • Requests for data from the API handling null data correctly.
    • When refreshing a saved application the data no longer resets.
    • When hovering over different entries in the list view the tooltip will now change.
    • When editing property information the input from all fields will persist, including the email address, website, and phone number.
  7. Letters Dashboard:

    • Recurring letters appear in the dropdown menu
    • The resident list appears inside this module (the module can now fetch residents).
    • When saving a scheduled letter, the popup closes automatically.

Tech App: August 24, 2022

We’ve revamped our technician app from top to bottom. Enjoy our simple and sleek design. We created and fashioned each feature for maximum ease and usability.

New Features:

  1. Does your property have little or no reception? No problem! With our new offline mode AppWork will work even with no reception! As soon as the app is back online, it syncs up automatically with the cloud.
  2. Have a technician that can’t speak English? No hay problema. AppWork has a Spanish version, so all of your technicians can use it easily. ¡Qué padre!
  3. Do your techs have lots to do and never enough time to do it? AppWork is now significantly faster! Technicians will be able to comment and upload pictures faster than ever before.