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🏝🌊 Riding the August Waves of AppWork’s New Features! 🌊🏝

a screenshot showing a new recurring inspection being created

🏖 Catching the Tide: New Recurring Inspections 🏖

  • 🌊 Ride the wave with our new feature! You can now create recurring inspections, inspired by our state-of-the-art recurring work order feature.
  • 🏄🏾‍♀ Every time you surf up a recurring inspection, it’ll appear in the open inspections tab.
  • 🌅 Want to change the tide? Modify the details or the frequency of any recurring inspection.
  • 🚣‍♀️ If the waves of a recurring inspection aren’t to your liking anymore, delete it.

🏝 General Shoreside Updates 🏝

  • ⛵️ Smooth Sailing: We’ve renamed the top side panel label from “Property Management” to “Operations” for clarity.
  • 🏄🏿‍♀️ Easy Peasy Search Breezy: The property search bar just got a boost! Dive right in without the extra click; and if you’re a one-property surfer, the search bar will vanish!
  • Decluttered Deck: Removed the “add units” button on the units page - units now only join the party via integrations.
  • Clear Horizons: Fixed a tiny hiccup where the unit breakdown report would hide away if searching with a dash.
  • 🩴 Tidying the Sands: We’ve patched up some minor issues and did some sunbathing… 🕶 err, optimizing!

🌊 Work Orders Wave 🌊

  • 🛟 Get in the loop! Subscribe to know about new emergency work orders.
  • 🚣🏾‍♀️ Upgraded AI lifeguard on duty: Even better work order characterizations in some scenarios!

screenshot of make ready tasks in calendar view

🛥 Make Readies Bay 🛥

  • ⚓️ Vendor and Tech logos anchor tasks on the make ready board.
  • Simple: Complete a make ready task by simply saying “Aloha!” with the complete button. You no longer need to schedule or assign a task to complete it.
  • ☀️ Clear Skies: Filter the make ready calendar by task/assignee--know when the next beach party is and who’s bringing the snacks!
  • 🚢 All set! View assignee names on the make ready export.
  • Tidying the Dock: Removed the “add unit” button for the make ready board when there’s active integration.

🐚 Inspections Island🐚

  • 🗾 Bird’s-eye view: A brand new inspection report to see all inspections, with filters by inspection type.

🌺 Purchase Orders Lagoon 🌺

  • 🛶 Clear Waters Ahead: Pending PO list now has a column with property names for smooth sailing through your POs.

🏄‍♀️ Ride the wave of these amazing updates and make your AppWork experience a beachy dream! 🏄‍♂️