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Tech Team Times - The AppWork Edition!

New Features

🚀 Welcome to the latest scoop from the AppWork universe! We’ve been busy in the lab, cooking up some amazing new features and improvements. Let’s dive into the goodies: 🚀

1. Tick, Talk, Time’s on Your Side: Ever feel like you’re racing against the clock? Well, race no more! Your can now see your start and stop times shine on the task timeline, making time tracking a breeze. screenshot of time entries on. timeline

2. Manual Timer to the Rescue: Got a time warp issue? Manually add timer entries to any open task and keep your timesheet as accurate as a Swiss watch. *Must be enabled in settings
screenshot of manual entry

3. A Trip Down Memory Lane: Curiosity got the better of you? Peek into the timer history of any task and marvel at your own efficiency. It’s like time travel, but cooler.

4. Ghost Comments, Be Gone: Those disappearing comments that played hide and seek on your timeline? We’ve shown them the door. Your insights are now immortalized, as they should be.

5. Silence is Golden: Residents, we heard you like your peace and quiet. The ETA Notification button can now be turned off by system admins. Ah, the sound of silence.

6. No More Lost in Translation: Swapping languages is now smoother than a polyglot at a UN conference. Adiós crashes!

7. Code Red, Solved: Troubles logging in using the login code? Consider it a thing of the past. We’ve greased the wheels for a smooth entry.

8. Under the Hood: We did some general app maintenance and tightened a few bolts here and there for enhanced stability. Your app is now as sturdy as a tank.

9. Crash-Proof Your Day: Those pesky app crashes that popped up uninvited? We’ve given them the boot. Enjoy a smoother, steadier ride.

10. A Fresh Coat of Paint: We’ve added some user interface tweaks for that extra sparkle. Your app isn’t just smarter; it’s prettier, too.

There you have it, folks! The latest updates to your Technician Mobile App are all about making your work life easier, more efficient, and let’s face it, a bit more fun. Update now and take these new features for a spin.

Until next time, keep flexing those tech muscles, and remember, in the world of AppWork, you’re the real MVPs! 🌟

Happy updating, and here’s to even smoother maintenance adventures ahead! 🛠️💥