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πŸŽ’πŸ“š Welcome Back-to-School with AppWork's New Semester Update! 🍎 ✏️

Are you tired of old-school communication? Forget the smoke signals and carrier pigeons! AppWork's new game-changing text messaging system is here, giving "passing notes in class" a whole new meaning!

And guess what? We've also given a big boost to our payment module and more! Let's take a closer look:

Text Messages: Pass Notes in Style! πŸ“

sample of conversation between appwork and resident Teacher-Student Chat: Send and receive text messages with residents (no paper airplanes required).

History Lesson: View all previously sent messages, including those sent by the AppWork robot teacher.

Auto-Professor Alert: See all the automated messages AppWork sends out (We promise they're not pop quizzes).

Classroom Debate: Residents can respond to automated texts, and you can jump in like a substitute teacher. Bilingual Education: FULLY bilingual - learn English and Spanish with our translation option!

Lost and Found: Changed phone numbers? No problem, continue the convo and see the whole history.

Easy Peasy: No need to play detective to find resident's numbers - they're all in your messaging platform.

How to Attend Class: Click a resident and navigate to the new text messages button.

Payments: Piggy Bank 101 🐷 πŸ’°

AutoPay Scheduling: Residents can set AutoPay like setting alarm clocks for class (1st, 2nd, or 3rd of the month)! Note: AutoPay scheduling is still taking web portal classes; it hasn't graduated to the resident app yet.

Mark Your Calendar: See when AutoPay will wake up for each resident in the AutoPay section of the admin portal (No snooze button, though!).

Magic Money Link: Personalized balance due email reminders with magic links to pay without logging in (way cooler than a magician at the school fair).

Welcome Wagon: Remind residents to add payment methods, enable AutoPay, and make that first shiny payment.

Other Improvements: School Maintenance Crew πŸ› 

Oopsie Prevention: Popup confirmation for deactivating properties (like asking if you really want to eat that mystery meat).

System Admin Superpowers: Manually map work order categories to improve syncing (No more mismatched socks!).

Report Card Cleanup: Fixed a data hiccup in daily insight reports (No more excuses for bad grades!).

Extra Credit for AppWork & RentManager πŸ†

Ever had a cancelled work order acting like that troublemaker who keeps escaping detention? Not anymore! We've improved the AppWork and RentManager integration to keep those cancelled work orders in check. Now, when a work order is cancelled, it'll know exactly where to go. No hall pass required!

Get ready to ring the school bell with AppWork's exciting updates! So sharpen those pencils, grab your backpack, and dive into a new semester of efficient communication and smooth payments! πŸŽ‰ πŸ“–