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Hey AppWork Family! As we roll into September, we're thrilled to serve up a bundle of incredible features and updates. You wanted more power and flexibility, and guess what? We listened. Prepare for some fantastic upgrades that will make your day-to-day tasks even smoother. Let's dive in!

Major Release: Introducing the Incident Reporting Module 🚨🔥

creating a new incident report in AppWork filling out the incident report details

Get ready for this game-changer! Say hello to our brand-new Internal Incident Reporting Module that will revamp how you manage internal incidents.

filling out the incident report reporting done finishing off an incident report

What's New

1. Create and Download Incident Reports: Making a report is as simple as 1-2-3!
2. Edit to Your Heart's Content: Tweaks and updates are just a click away.
3. Rich Media Attachments: Add photos, videos, documents, and comments—make your reports a masterpiece!
4. Smart Logic: We've used existing system data to auto-populate fields for you. Less time typing, more time doing.
5. Team Collaboration: Share, discuss, and make team decisions in real time.
6. Engagement Metrics: Know who's involved and how often your reports are viewed.
7. Incident Timeline: Track every step and update in one unified timeline.
8. Be in the Know: Custom notifications keep everyone informed and aligned.

Other Notable Upgrades 🎉

General Operations: We Fine-Tuned the Nitty-Gritty! 🔧

export all inspection images with a tap of the button

- Bulk Download for Inspection Images: Because who has time to click one by one?
- Customizable PDF Exports: Choose what you include—images, comments, or both!
- Default Entry Notes: No more manual changes. It's your way, right away!

screenshot of allow entry by default

Added Touches: Little Things Make Big Differences ✨

screenshot of the new no property selected message

- Property Selection: We added a new message for when you need to select a property on the work order index page.
- Recurring Work Orders: Fixed it! Now, they're as reliable as your morning coffee.
- Email Visibility: Resolved the disappearing act of manually sent emails.
- PDF Exports: Cleaned up duplicates because no one needs double the clutter.
- Search Bar Tuning: Fixed the unit search in the calendar view of the make-ready board.
- Unit and Vacant Reports: Fixed! Your dashboard will now reflect all things accurately.
- Technician Profile: Clarity for the win! We've revamped the wording for easier understanding.
- Open Work Order Report: Fixed a bug affecting the display of canceled work orders in the open work order status report.

Payments Module: Because Time is Money 💸

- Customizable Autopay Dates: Super Admins, now you hold the power!
- Timing is Everything: AutopayTextPay messages are now sent on time.
- Payment Reminders: Cleaned up and punctual, just like your best friend.

Rental Application: We've Got All the Angles Covered 👏

Fixed that pesky issue with single-character middle initials. Your name is your name, and we respect that!

We're super excited about these updates and can't wait for you to try them out. Here's to improving your AppWork experience, one update at a time! 🌟🚀