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Enhanced RealPage Integration and Smoother Workflows

New Features

We're excited to roll out an update fine tuning your maintenance experience! From adding insightful completion notes on vendor work orders to introducing smart error tracking for Yardi work orders, we’ve fine-tuned AppWork to ensure everything works just right for you.

Plus, with enhanced RealPage integration and new make-ready board features, managing your properties just got a whole lot easier (and cooler). And, of course, we’ve squashed some bugs along the way to keep things running smoothly.

Completion Notes for Vendor Work Orders

Ever wished you could sing praises or share wise words about a job well done? Now you can with completion notes for vendor work orders. Leave a note; make someone's day! screencast of completing a vendor work order

Yardi Post Error Tracking (Now with Detective Hats)

Picture this: An error tries to sneak by when posting to Yardi, and BAM! We catch it, flag it, and even tell you why it happened. Detective work made easy.

Insight Reports Layout Makeover

We gave our insight reports in the admin portal a fabulous makeover to match the email layout. Now with notes on top, it's like finding your favorite socks right at the top of the drawer—simple and satisfying.

“Where’s My Work Order?" No More

With our super-duper search by management software’s work order ID feature, finding your work order is as easy as finding Waldo. Well, if Waldo were a work order and not wearing stripes.

RealPage Integration Goes to the Gym

Our RealPage integration has been lifting weights and now flexes by importing building numbers alongside unit numbers. It's now stronger, better, and more informative.

Make-Ready Boards on Auto-Pilot

Thanks to our new make-ready integrations for RealPage, units are automatically added to the make-ready board when a resident gives notice. It’s like having an assistant who reads your mind—but in a non-creepy way.

We squashed bugs 🐛

(Not literally, we're humane!). We tuned up the engine, and polished the backend. Expect smoother rides and less turbulence.

In short, we’ve been working hard (with occasional coffee breaks ☕) to make AppWork not just a tool, but a superhero sidekick for your maintenance management adventures. Your feedback lights up our world, so keep it coming, and let’s make AppWork even better together.