Get more than maintenance. Drive performance and retention by motivating your technicians with gamification and ratings. Optimize operations with an advanced business intelligence layer that turns data into strategy.
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AppWork Integrations
RealPage works with AppWork
MRI works with AppWork
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ResMan works with AppWork

Multifamily maintenance software for property managers, leadership, technicians, and residents.

Work Order Tracking

Screenshot of an AppWork work order

Discover a maintenance solution that lets you easily create and track work orders, while providing extensive ways to search through and organize them.

A screenshot from our mobile tech app showing a task list

On our work order index page, you’ll get a complete view of all tasks: work orders, make readies, and inspections.

We use AI and advanced algorithms to categorize and automatically assign tasks, saving your valuable time.

AppWork sends the work orders directly to the techs phones. They can then go directly to the unit and mark the work order complete right from the Tech App on their phones!
Adelle Brown
Leasing Agent
The Colonnade, Aloft

Digital Make Ready Board

a screenshot of our updated make ready board

Do more in less time with our collaborative, cloud-based make ready board to reduce vacancy loss and turnover times. Real-time syncing keeps everyone in the loop.

a screenshot of the make ready calendar view on a mobile device

Easily schedule tasks in the table view and quickly scan scheduled tasks in the calendar view.

Add notes, photos, and videos to track progress. Assign tasks to on-site technicians and third-party vendors in one place.


A screenshot of an inspection in the admin portal

This powerful, fully-customizable tool enables you to create and complete inspections with ease. Anyone can use its intuitive interface with little to no training.

Mobile screenshot of creating a new inspection

We offer five templates for your convenience: Checklist, Move In, Lighting, Unit Fire Sprinkler, and Move Out.

Document comments, photos, and videos with timestamps for a complete inspection history that syncs with a cloud-based database.

Technician Management

A screenshot of our technician dashboard

Get a snapshot of your valued technicians. We track more data points than any other platform. Use our in-depth information to supercharge your maintenance team.

A screenshot from our mobile tech app showing a task list

Easily track the individual performance of each technician with our leaderboards and detailed skillset breakdown.

Give your maintenance team the recognition they deserve with our automated badge system.

Since we have been using AppWork we have been able to manage our maintenance techs time and they are now able to get work orders completed in most cases within 24 hours!
Forest hills towers
Myieshia Lindsey
Assistant Property Manager
Forest Hills Towers

More Solutions

Product Features
Work Order Tracking

Easily create, track, search, and organize your work orders. Simple yet comprehensive.

Digital Make Ready Board

A collaborative, cloud-based make ready board to help decrease turnover times and reduce vacancy loss.


Create and complete inspections with ease. It comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Technician Management

Supercharge your maintenance team with in-depth analytics, performance badges, and reviews.

Vendor Management

Manage vendors like you manage your technicians, including resident reviews.

Actionable Analytics

Turn data into directives with real-time and in-depth analytics.


View, generate, and export reports with a couple of taps from any device.

Mobile Technician App

A special app for your technicians to help increase operational efficiencies.

Purchase Orders

Request and approve purchase orders with ease. Includes detailed analytics and notifications.

Incident Reports

Create thorough documentation on the spot. Store reports digitally for easy access and searching.

The struggle is real.

The solution is AppWork.

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