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Circus of Reviews: AppWork's Spotlight on Resident Feedback

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Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! It's time for another thrilling ride through the latest and greatest updates in the world of AppWork. Hold onto your hats and get ready for a carnival of innovation and excitement!

Instant Resident Feedback with New Email Notifications

Roll up, roll up! Experience the magic of instant resident feedback with our brand new email notifications. No more waiting in line; reviews come straight to your inbox, ready for action!

Two Types of Emails:

🌟 Positive Vibes: Celebrate those shining 4 or 5-star reviews! πŸ› οΈ Neutral Feedback: Turn those 1-3 star reviews into opportunities for improvement.

Screenshots of resident review emails for completed work orders

How to Enable:

Step right this way to enable the "Resident Review Notification Email" in your settings.

Navigate through the carnival grounds to: Settings > System Settings > Core > Staff > Email

Need some assistance enabling this for your entire team? Our support specialists are here to help you navigate the maze. πŸŽͺ

This feature further builds on our recent enhancements to the review system where AppWork can now prompt residents to share their positive reviews online. To enable this feature go to settings > property settings > maintenance and add the URL to the review site of your choice.

⚑ Speed Boost for the Make-Ready Board

Feel the rush of excitement as we crank up the speed on the make-ready board! Say goodbye to waiting and hello to lightning-fast updates. It's a thrill ride you won't want to miss! πŸš€

πŸ“Š Portfolio-Level Make-Ready Exceptions

Step right up and marvel at the wonders of portfolio-level make ready exceptions! Ensure you never miss another move in, right from the heart of the carnival grounds.

Where to Find It:

Head over to: Reports > Make Ready Metrics and prepare to be amazed!

Welcome to the greatest show on earth, where innovation and fun collide! We're thrilled to bring these updates to you and can't wait to hear what you think. So grab some cotton candy, take a spin on the ferris wheel, and let the good times roll with AppWork Carnival!

Cheers, The Ringmasters of the AppWork Circus πŸŽͺπŸŽ‰