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Simplification Symphony Update


Welcome to the "Simplification Symphony" Update! The latest feature suite in AppWork's orchestra of organization, making your daily chores as melodious as a well-tuned piano. Here's what the maestro has composed for you:

The Make Ready Integration Suite—For Yardi & RentManager Clients: Embrace the elegance of automation in a dance where AppWork conducts, and your make ready board follows.

screenshot of our make ready dashboard on desktop and mobile

  1. "The Notice Waltz:" A resident gives notice, and like clockwork, AppWork adds the unit to the make-ready board with the scheduled move-out date.
  2. "The Cancelled Notice Tango:" If the resident decides to stay put, AppWork gracefully removes the unit from the board.
  3. "The Changing Notice Cha-Cha:" Change of plans? AppWork updates the move-out date, keeping you on the beat.
  4. "The Leased Unit Lindy Hop:" New unit leased? AppWork jumps in, adding the move-in date to the board.
  5. "The Future Move-In Foxtrot:" Move-in dates changing or canceling? AppWork steps in to update the board.
  6. "The Move-In Minuet:" When a resident moves in, AppWork waltzes the unit off the board.

Additional Harmonious Improvements:

  1. "The Identity Overture:" The AppWork rental application now requires every occupant over 18 to upload their photo ID. No more playing hide and seek!
  2. "The iPad Serenade:" A more responsive design for iPad that makes using AppWork as smooth as listening to a soothing lullaby.

Bugfixes – The Cleanup Crescendo:

  1. "The Video Virtuoso:" Resolved the flat note of videos not playing on the make-ready board. 2. "The Inspection Interlude:" Squashed that pesky bug causing the inspection settings page to go blank. Bugs, meet your swatter!
  2. "The Comment Coda:" No more unexpected closures in the inspection comments section. Encore!
  3. "The Work Order Waltz—Reprise:" Fixed those off-key bugs when reopening a completed work order.
  4. "The Filter Fugue:" Corrected the wayward filters opening in the wrong spots. They've now found their place in the ensemble.

The Simplification Symphony is all set to play! So grab your conductor's baton and let AppWork orchestrate a simpler, more harmonious workday for you. But before you head off, why not indulge in a little encore? Sing this aloud alone or with your team and post it to social media, tagging @AppWorkCo for the chance to win a $100 gift card!

🎵Update, update, make things right, 🎵
Automation's pure delight,
Residents move, boards update,
AppWork's here, no need to wait!
iPad friendly, bugs now gone,
Make your workday smooth, and fun,
Update, update, make things bright,
With AppWork's release, all's in sight! 🌟