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AppWork Holiday Gift Extravaganza, Week Two

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🎁 Hello AppWork Enthusiasts, πŸŽ…

We're thrilled to continue our festive AppWork Holiday Gift Extravaganza, and it's now time for week two! πŸŽ‰ This marks our second consecutive weekly release out of five, as we build on the excitement from last week's announcement.

We have a another special challenge just for you! Hidden within these release notes is a secret code. Crack the code to unlock a FREE Portable Power Bank! πŸŽ‰ πŸ” See the instructions at the bottom to redeem your reward!

Without further ado, let's dive into the fantastic gifts we have in store for you this week.

🌟 Week 2: Elevate Your Experience 🌟

1. Enhanced User Interface:
A Glimmer of Magic: We've wrapped a sleek, new border around the system to elevate your user experience. Get ready for a visually appealing upgrade that makes navigation and interaction more intuitive and captivating.

2. New, More Intuitive Search:
Find in a Flash: Searching for work orders just became lightning-fast and easier than ever. Our new, more intuitive search functionality will have you finding work orders through the system at warp speed!

3. Sleek Property Selectors:
Streamlined Selection: We've given our property selectors a makeover – they're sleeker and more functional than ever. Filtering by a single property or a group is now a breeze, making your workflow smoother. sleek, new property selectors on dashboard

4. Improved Date Selector:
Time on Your Terms: Filtering by date is now a piece of cake with our new and improved date selector. Enjoy more customization options as you manage your maintenance with precision. New, improved data filter for dashboards

5. Game-Changing Work Order Filter Options:
Be in the Know: Prepare to be amazed by our new work order filter options! You can now filter the work order page by unit, resident, priority, no access, and waiting on parts. These filters give you crystal-clear insights into the status of your requests. game-changing work order filter options

6. Access Notes Integration with Yardi:
We've added a valuable integration feature! AppWork now seamlessly pulls access notes added to work orders in Yardi, enhancing your communication and record-keeping capabilities. These access notes will be prominently visible in the work order comments, ensuring you have all the necessary information at your fingertips for efficient multifamily maintenance management.

7. Yardi Integration Enhancement:
Onboarding Made Swift: We're speeding up the onboarding process for new properties! Our improved Yardi integration now imports property addresses seamlessly, one item you can check off the onboarding checklist.

8. Custom Display Names for Properties:
Personalize Your Workspace: We've added a touch of personalization to your property management. Now, you can set a display name for a property, different from the name listed in your management system. Manage this easily from the property settings page.

9. Company Identification:
To streamline support processes, the name of your company is now prominently displayed on the bottom of the left menu bar. This makes it easier for our support team to identify your company instance and provide you with the best assistance when needed.

10. Jolly Old Technician’s Page Fix: We've resolved an issue that affected admins with access to one property, preventing them from seeing technicians on the technician page. Now, admins can efficiently manage their technician roster without any visibility hiccups.

πŸ” Hint for the Secret Gift: As a reminder, there's a special secret hidden somewhere in these release notes that will lead you to a fabulous holiday surprise. Keep your eyes peeled for something that stands out (like AppWork's user interface)!

Once you've found the secret, send an email to to claim your special holiday gift. And don't forget, it's all part of the fun! 🀫

Stay tuned for more weekly gifts over the next three weeks as we continue to make AppWork the ultimate holiday treat for your multifamily maintenance management.

Your excitement and support inspire us to keep spreading the holiday cheer!

Warmest wishes, πŸŽ… The AppWork Team πŸŽ„