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AppWorks May Blossom Release

Admin Portal

Welcome to the AppWorks May Blossom Release!

As we embrace the vibrant spirit of spring, we're thrilled to unveil a bouquet of enhancements and fixes. In this release, we've nurtured our platform with improvements across various modules, ensuring that your maintenance management journey blossoms with efficiency and clarity. From sprucing up work order functionality to tending to the flourishing make ready process, each update aims to enrich your experience and help your operations thrive. So, without further ado, let's stroll through the garden of enhancements and explore what's blooming in this month's release.

Work Orders:

  1. Sprouted a fix for Auto Assign, ensuring it now blooms with efficiency.
  2. Pruned away errors when printing certain Work Orders.
  3. Removed the No Access option from the admin portal for property work orders, allowing them to flourish independently.
  4. Cultivated accuracy in work order counts throughout the system.

Make Readies:

  1. Underwent a significant springtime overhaul of the make ready board, blossoming with increased speed and loading times.
  2. Introduced the refreshing ability to clear data for each custom column on the make ready board, like a breath of fresh air.
  3. Nipped in the bud a bug causing the Make Ready page to go blank during timer events.
  4. Gave some tender loving care to correct time entries for make ready tasks, banishing the pesky “NaN”.


  1. Revitalized the inspections page, preventing it from withering when searching with special characters during inspection creation.
  2. Presented a freshly bloomed screen design for canceled inspections assigned to residents, making their cancellation status crystal clear.


  1. Showered vendors with a bouquet of information in the notification email, ensuring they have all they need to thrive.
  2. Rounded out the vendor name initials circle, accommodating longer names like a graceful vase.
  3. Nurtured the ability to search on the vendors page using special characters, adding depth to your vendor garden.
  4. Trimmed and tidied the display of initials for vendors without a logo, ensuring they fit snugly in the circle.


  1. Planted the option to include the staff member's title when creating a new staff member, adding depth to your team's bouquet.
  2. Added the staff role to the export options, ensuring all roles are accounted for in your garden of settings.

Incident Reports:

  1. Blossomed by adding the unit number to the incident report in the export, enriching your garden of data.


  1. Bloomed beautifully with improved mobile responsiveness, ensuring your reports flourish on any device.