Insight Reports

You’re busy. That’s why AppWork delivers reports straight to your inbox with detailed action items. These items are simple and sentence-based; they help identify pain points and highlight praiseworthy accomplishments.
screenshot of our insight reports dashboard on desktop and mobile

Advanced BI Analysis

We track, aggregate, and analyze data with advanced business intelligence, opening a window into each property’s performance.
Get human friendly action items every day
Remove the guesswork with clear and easy-to-read notes on each report.
Sophisticated algorithms comb through data points to extract the most relevant information.
AI turns data points into action items.
Get a concise daily, weekly, and monthly snapshot of your operations and maintenance team’s performance.

Data-Driven Decisions

AppWork’s machine learning model analyzes data to detect properties, technicians, and units that deviate from the expected norms.
start making data driven decisions for daily operations
Receive timely insights to improve efficiencies.
Harmonize data in one convenient dashboard for a big-picture overview.
See critical metrics such as open work orders, open emergencies, saturation, and vacant units.

Month-Over-Month Metrics

We generate daily, weekly, and monthly updates to understand the factors impacting performance and operations on the property level. 
get month-over-month comparisons straight to your inbox
Quickly share and export reports with the click of a button.
We email reports but they are also stored in the admin portal for easy searching and reference.

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