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Happy Independence Day! 🇺🇸 We're celebrating the 4th of July by setting off a fireworks 🎇 display of updates and bug fixes for your software experience:

  1. We've declared independence from clunky drag-and-drop features! You’re free to drop attachments anywhere in the Purchase Order creation popup. screenshot showing drag and drop onto purchase orders

  2. We've rectified a glitch where some Purchase Orders were being as elusive as the British in 1776 by not displaying the vendor name on the Purchase Order index page.

  3. For full historical context, the Purchase Order index page now shows the complete date, including the year, not just a shortened 'Paul Revere's Ride' version.

  4. We've brought some revolutionary order to the chaos by fixing date formatting on inspection exports.

  5. We've lit up your checklists like a sky full of fireworks by adding a calendar icon, making it simple and visually appealing to add due dates. screenshot of new calendar icon

  6. We're presenting a grand parade of 40 new checklist icons to choose from when creating a new checklist - more options than colonies in the original USA! Do you see that US flag? a screenshot showing all the new icons for inspections

  7. Checklist tasks with photos in the comments proudly display their presence, just like Old Glory flying high.

  8. We've introduced several small but significant usability enhancements to the Make Ready board, like adding a pinch of patriotism to your picnic.

  9. Removing a photo from a Make Ready task comment now works as smoothly as signing the Declaration of Independence.

  10. To ensure no unit goes MIA, we've introduced a new confirmation popup when you're removing a unit from the MR board.

  11. The progress bars on the unit vacancy report are now as accurate as the precise lines in the Star-Spangled Banner. screenshot of progress bars for unit vacancy report

  12. We're launching one last sparkler for the grand finale: Now, you can view the average number of work orders a tech has completed, all based on your selected date filters. It's as straightforward as the stripes on our flag, providing a clear snapshot of your tech's productivity. screenshot of graph of completed work order average by month

  13. You won’t need a constitutional amendment to fix the issue with the RentManager integration. We’ve made sure the work orders will no longer pull a ‘Boston Tea Party’ and disappear from the RentManager resident portal.

  14. To cap off our Independence Day extravaganza, we have a shiny new system setting. Now, clients can opt to send the “Declaration of Updates” to residents by default through text messages. Freedom of information, indeed!

Enjoy your 4th of July with these blazing updates! 🗽 Enjoy these updates, and may your software experience be as spectacular as tonight's fireworks! 🎆