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Insightful Harvest: Unveiling Enhanced Insight Reports


As autumn unfolds, we are excited to introduce our Fall Release. The spotlight shines on our revamped Insight Reports, now even more adept at delivering the insights you need.

Discover these and other updates below to see how we're making your experience more fruitful with each passing season.

🍂 Harvesting Insights like Never Before!

Generating _Maintenance Insight Reports_ and Monitoring Vacant Unit Progress - Step 1.webp

  • Upgraded Insight Reports: Just as a tree branches out, so does the capacity of our Insight Reports. Now, with enhanced data-gathering capabilities, it's ready to offer you more precise and insightful analytics.
  • Expanded Data Coverage: Delve deeper with additional tallies and data on Make Readies and Inspections. The reports also include 50% more insights and comments, making your analytical journey as exhilarating as a walk through a crisp autumn morning.
  • Extended Report Frequency: Beyond the beloved daily reports, take advantage of the new Weekly and Monthly insight reports to monitor your evolving trends and progress.
  • Comparative Analysis: Relish in the comparative analysis now included in the weekly and monthly report showing the previous week's and month's data, ensuring you don't miss the forest for the trees.
  • User-Specific Email Updates: Tailor your Insight report emails as per user preferences, thanks to the super admin’s ability to update them. Your insight, your way!

🍁 Other Enhancements:

  • Work Order Creation Attribution: AppWork now displays the name of the user who created the work order for those imported by Yardi right within the work order timeline. This small yet significant touch ensures clearer accountability and streamlined tracking.
    old work order comments vs new from integration
  • Direct Link to Yardi via Task ID: A simple click on the task ID in AppWork now leads you directly to the exact work order inside of Yardi, bridging the gap between the two systems.
  • Unit Vacancy Report Refined: Now reports vacant unit properties and the duration of their vacancy with utmost accuracy, ensuring you are well-informed and ready to take action.
  • Timeline Printing for Incident Reports: The issue with printing a timeline of an incident report has been rectified, allowing for seamless documentation and review.
  • Alert Deletion Capability: Managing your alerts is a breeze with the new ability to delete them as needed.

🌰 Laying the Ground for Future Growth:

Backend Support Expansion: We’re gearing up to introduce the ability to upload multiple photos when marking a Work Order or Make Ready as complete. Stay tuned for this feature in the Tech App as it sprouts soon!