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Houston, we have a solution! We’ve just launched our new and improved Make Ready Board. This board is pumped and ready for action, like a rocket gearing up for liftoff!

We’ve taken your feedback into our mission control room and are ready to skyrocket your productivity to the moon! Oh, and speaking of rockets, we weren’t kidding. We added a rocket to the make ready board--complete a unit to see it launch!

Here’s what’s launching with this new update:

  1. A sleek and futuristic design for a clutter-free, seamless, make ready experience. screenshot of the new make ready board
  2. We’ve merged the unit and property columns - just like the space shuttle and the rocket unit join forces for a successful mission.
  3. Fun and dynamic animations will celebrate your victories, from task completion to a resident moving in - it’s like your personal ticker tape parade every time! celebration animations on make ready board make ready board animations
  4. Need a course correction in your purchase order amount? No problem! We've added a feature that's like a black hole for outdated info. When you update the amount on a purchase order, the link in the old approval email will vanish into the ether. But don't worry, an email with a new link will be launched to the approver faster than the speed of light!

Now, onto some of the upgrades we’ve made in the mission control center:

  1. We’ve updated the work order assignment email. No more guessing games with a 24–48-hour window. Your time is now precise, just like a launch countdown so we removed the timeframe.
  2. We’ve fixed the glitch where purchase order numbers were lost in the Excel and PDF export vacuum. Now, they’re safely onboard.
  3. For secure space operations, only users with super admin status can view and edit system settings - a proper space protocol!
  4. We’ve sorted an issue where the make-ready columns weren’t aligned with the setting in the stars.
  5. We’re letting you time-travel! Now, you can edit the move-out date to a date in the past. Because sometimes, a little bit of back-to-the-future action is just what your mission needs! So go ahead, adjust your trajectory, and keep your mission on course.
  6. Can't remember the name of that pesky asteroid...err, Purchase Order? Now you can once again search by unit number! So whether it's Apollo 11 or Mars Rover, you can now zero in on your targets like a precision-guided space probe.
  7. Want to revisit the mission logs? We've got you covered! You can now view the version history of edited comments in checklists, inspections, and make-ready tasks. It's like an infinite time loop of your greatest mission achievements.

So, buckle up, engage your seatbelt sign, and prepare for launch! Our new make-ready board is all set to take your productivity to new heights (or should we say, new orbits?). Enjoy the journey!