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Level Up with Custom Inspection Charges! 🎉

New Features

screenshot showing appworks inspection page with costs

Hey AppWork Fam! We’ve got something awesome to share that’s going to take your inspection game to a whole new level. Drumroll, please... 🥁 Introducing the ability to add custom costs and charges to your inspection templates! Now, AppWork will effortlessly calculate inspection costs and give you a super clear breakdown of all the expenses. Here’s the scoop:

How to Add Costs to Inspection Templates

  1. Get to Settings: Go to Settings > System Settings > Inspections.
  2. Flip the Switch: Pick a template and toggle on “Show custom charges.”
  3. Add the $$$: Enter cost amounts for each inspection item status.
  4. Save the Magic: Click “Next” and then “Update Inspection.” Boom, done!

Where to See the Magic Happen You can now peek at those inspection costs in all these cool places:

  1. Real-Time Cost Tracking: Keep an eye on the cost column in the inspections list while inspections are happening. It’s available in the Open, Complete, and Canceled tabs.
  2. Item Costs: Click on an inspection to see what each item costs.
  3. Cost Breakdown: Click on the top of the inspection for a full cost breakdown by section.
  4. Export Costs: When exporting inspections, you can now choose to include cost details. Sweet!

This is going to be a total game-changer for your operations! 🎮 Whether you're tracking internal costs or getting a grip on move-out charges, AppWorks new inspection feature is here to make your life easier and your maintenance operations smoother. Get ready to be blown away! 🚀

GIF showing different parts of inspection charging

Other noteworthy updates and new features:

  1. Revamped AppWork’s white labeling system bringing your companies brand across the entire system. Alternating colors showing AppWork's white labeling system
  2. You can now view the response time report by business days only. This gives you more clarity into the true response metrics of your team!
  3. You can now see who deactivated a technician and when.
  4. Improved handling of move in dates that past on the make ready board