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Good day, AppWorkers! We hope you’ve been keeping up with our updates because here comes the third release in just the last 10 days!

🚀 We’re fired up, we’re caffeinated, & we’re pushing improvements your way faster than ever. Let’s dive into what we’ve brewed this time.

1. More Text Triggers for Work Order Updates 📱💬

Our number one fan-favorite, the "resident communication" feature, is back with a vengeance. We heard your pleas for more text message triggers and decided to go trigger-happy. Here’s what we’ve added:

  • Did a tech just withdraw from a work order? We’re on it. 🏃🏾‍♂️
  • Is the work order playing the waiting game for parts? We’ve got your back. ⏱
  • Just assigned the work order to a vendor? Your resident knows about it. 🤝
  • And, our personal favorite, the technician’s ETA? That’s right - your resident’s in the loop. ⏰

We believe in keeping everyone informed, and this update ensures your residents won’t be left guessing.

2. Refined Yardi Integration ⚙️

We understand how vital it is to have consistent data across all platforms, and we’re always working to improve integrations with other systems. This time, we’ve worked on the Yardi integration. Your work order entry notes in Yardi will now sync with AppWork seamlessly. No more note-noting on both platforms - one and done, folks! 📝 ✔️

We’re here to improve your experience with AppWork, and we won’t rest until we get it right. Thank you for sticking with us through these quick-fire updates, and as always, we’re eager to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned for more exciting changes on the horizon. We’ll be back before you know it! 🚀