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AppWork Tech App Update: New Technician Experience!

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🌟 We're super excited to roll out a significant update to the AppWork Technician App, packed with fresh features and a more efficient experience for our technicians. Get ready to dive into a world of enhanced usability and handy new functionalities designed to streamline your workday! 🛠️

What's Sparkling in This Update: ✨

1. Revamped Home Page: 🏠
new nav bar for technician app

  • See your current tasks displayed prominently on the new home page.
  • This update lays the groundwork for an upcoming feature to view scheduled tasks on the home page.

2. New Task Page: 📝 screenshot of the new tasks tab

  • Completed work orders have been moved to the task page
  • You can now peek at unassigned work orders in the app and assign them to yourself from the task page (must have permissions enabled from the admin portal).

3. Sorting Work Orders: 🧮 Sort tasks by priority or age in the new task page.

4. Create New Work Orders: 🧰 Now you can create new work orders on the go. Enable this in the technician settings. screenshot of creating a new work order from inside the tech app

5. Enhanced Task Viewing: 🔬

  • We’ve made it easier to view property name, unit number, and entry permissions.
  • Entry allowed? Tap to view the alarm code in a snap.

6. Resident Update Indication: 🙋🏾‍♀️ Know when your actions will update residents, keeping communication transparent. You will now see an icon so you know your action will trigger an update to the resident.

7. In-App Issue Reporting: 🩻 Run into an app issue? Report it directly and help us squash those bugs in real time.

8. Celebrating Success: 🎉 We've added a new screen to celebrate your hard work after completing inspections.

9. Improved Pull to Refresh: 🔄 Now, if you encounter any syncing issues, simply pull down on the screen to refresh and update your information seamlessly.

10. Offline Mode Pop-Up: 🚫 A new pop-up will explain what you can (and can't) do while the app is offline, so you're never left guessing.

11. Logout Sync Alert: 🚨 Attempting to log out during a sync? You'll receive an alert warning that continuing may result in losing unsynced information.

12. New Sync in Progress Indication: ✅

  • Stay informed with the new sync in progress indication on the settings page.
  • Easily check if the app is still syncing data, ensuring you're always up-to-date.

Additional Enhancements: 🪩

1. Streamlined Make Ready Tasks: 🚪 Make ready tasks no longer include entry notes for a more efficient process.

2. Enhanced Inspection Options: 🔎 Added a new option of dirty/clean for inspection tasks, offering more detailed task assessment.

This update is all about making your work life as a technician more engaging, intuitive, and productive. We're thrilled to see how these enhancements will elevate your daily operations and help you serve our residents with even greater ease.

Happy servicing, and keep those 🔧 wrenches 🔧 turning!

The AppWork Team 🛠️