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Gobble, Gobble! Another Thanksgiving Update

New Features

Are you full from our previous Thanksgiving update? 🦃 We hope you left room for dessert. Of course, this is more like a dessert buffet with all your holiday favorites. We're serving improved work order processing, streamlined inspections, and several other advancements. Loosen your belt and prepare to dig in! 🍽

🥧 Work Order Pies 🥧

  1. Pumpkin Page Load Pie: The work order page now loads at a whopping 107.34% faster speed, making it a perfectly spiced creamy confection.
  2. Mississippi Multi-Unit Pie: 🍫 🍫 Get ready to savor our new multi-unit selector that enables you to create a work order for multiple units! Indulge in the rich and decadent taste of simplifying bulk task management. screencast of using the multiunit selector
  3. Mobile Usability Apple Pie: 🍎 🍎 We made significant usability enhancements so that working from your mobile device feels like a taste of quintessential autumn yumminess.
  4. Confirmation Cherry Pie: 🍒 🍒 We revamped the work order confirmation message, packing details like sweet cherries inside a flaky crust. The whipped cream on top is a new option to view the work order after creating it. new work order confirmation popup
  5. Resident Notification Pecan Pie: AppWork creates a sticky sweetness between you and your residents with email updates about work order creations. For an extra crunch, they'll now receive emails and text messages when a third-party integration creates work orders. Configure notifications easily in system settings.
  6. Key Lime Email Pie: 🍈 🍈 Simple and refreshing! Work order assigned to vendors will now send emails with the ticket number in them. The graham cracker crust? The emails have a link to the work order detail page.
  7. Smart Toggle A La Mode: 🍨 Like a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream on any slice of pie, we enhanced the work order creation process. The toggles for pets, access, and text messages only appear when a unit is selected.

🥮 Inspection Treats 🥮

  1. Apple Conversion Crumble: 🍏 🍏 With a single tap (or click), transform all action items from a completed inspection into work orders. You can even track work order progress inside the inspection—classic, simple, and delicious!
    create work orders from inspections
  2. Customizable Berry Cobbler: 🍓 🫐 Mix and match the action needed for inspection items directly from the template settings, like picking the perfect balance of blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Make an image, comment, both, or none required for items needing some follow-up. customizable actions for inspections
  3. Bulk Scheduling Trifle: Create layers of one-time or recurring inspections for multiple units simultaneously. Put all those layers into one dish and build property-wide inspections. assigning an inspection to multiple units
  4. Speedy Strawberry Shortcake: 🍓 🍰 Export the different layers of inspections quickly, including the photos stuffed inside. The whipped cream is faster downloading of photos app wide.

🍩 Make Ready Munchies 🍩

  1. Chocolate Chip Category Cookies: 🍪 We’ve baked up the ability to edit make ready board categories (in addition to adding or removing them).
  2. Optimized Button Brownies: We've relocated some buttons on the make ready board for a more intuitive user experience, like biting into chocolatey goodness.
  3. Caramel Profile Popcorn: 🍿 We fixed profile images on the make ready board. The images now display correctly and have no missing faces popping up.

🍭 🍬 Report Candy 🍬 🍭

  1. Decadent Description Fudge: The report descriptions on the reports page are now more informative.
  2. Peppermint Metric Sticks: Gain fresh and minty insights into your make ready activities over a specified period with this new report.
  3. Assorted Chocolates Vacancy Mix: You want to know how many units are vacant, just like we always want to know how many empty wrappers are in the box of chocolates. We fixed the unit vacancy report for on-notice units and the calculation for average vacant days.

🧁 Incident Report Cakes 🧁

  1. Notification Chocolate Cake: 🍫 Stay better informed with the enhanced incident report notification emails—they're the creamy filling between layers of moist cakes.
  2. Usability Carrot Cake: 🥕🥕 Bug fixes and usability improvements make incident reporting perfectly spiced and smooth, like cream cheese frosting.

🍮 Purchase Order Extras 🍮

  1. Property Name Nougat: The Pending Purachse Order tab now features a column for the property name, making identification a snap.
  2. Unit-Based Chocolate Pudding: 🍫 Searching purchase orders by units is back and smoother than before!

️ 🥃 🍾 Holiday Drink Bar 🍾 🥃

  1. Hot Export Button Cider: 🍎 Enjoy cleaner export buttons across all pages for a warm, spicy, and tidier look. 🍎
  2. Enhanced Privacy Punch: Now, only the technician’s first name and last initial will be visible to residents, ensuring privacy (so no one can see you add a little something something to the punch).
  3. Hot Quick Search Toddy: With the refined quick search, what you're looking for is a key press, and click away, warming your cockles and cheering your heart.
  4. Export Eggnog: We resolved data discrepancy issues on PDF and Excel exports (for when the printed data differed from the digital data).
  5. Location Column Irish Coffee: ☕️ We fixed an issue where the location column on the technician’s page wasn’t sorting correctly. Now, it goes down smoothly with a little bite.
  6. Hot PDF Chocolate: 🫖 We enhanced PDF exports for inspections with better formatting to ensure no cut-off images across multiple-page exports—every little marshmallow counts!
  7. Index Page Peppermint Juleps: 🍹 We improved the technician and vendor index pages for refreshing and minty usability.
  8. Long Text Message Mojito: Resolved a formatting issue when viewing long text messages sent to residents for better readability.
  9. Vendor Icon Vodka Martini: 🍸 Resolved an issue where the vendor icons weren't loading on the vendor index page, ensuring the visual experience goes down smoother and identifying vendors is like popping an olive in your mouth.
  10. Mulled Wine Insights: 🍷 We brewed up an improved insight report generation logic. If there are few open work orders at a property, the insight report will no longer mention any comments about technicians not completing enough work orders.
  11. Frosty Pint of Uploaded Images: 🍺 Grab a refreshing, icy cold pint of beer and upload large files (greater than 35 MB) to your hearts content.
  12. Hot Insight Report Buttered Rum: We updated the links inside the daily insight report email to their corresponding category pages. They’re sweet (easy) and buttery (smooth), taking you straight to the information you need.