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Blast Off with the Latest AppWork Update!

New Features

🚀 Prepare for liftoff as AppWork launches its most stellar update yet, propelling your Make Ready Board and Process into a new orbit of efficiency and innovation. With an array of new features designed to streamline your maintenance management, this update is like a rocket booster for your multifamily operations. Here's what's on the launchpad: 🚀

Orbiting the Make Ready Board Enhancements:

  • Customizable Columns Galaxy: Navigate through the cosmos of customizable make ready columns, starting with:
    screencast of our new custom make ready columns
    • Checkbox Star: Create a customized column with a simple checkbox, a small step for a unit, a giant leap for productivity.
    • Text Field Comet: Jot down notes in the new text field column, capturing essential details at light speed.
    • Tags Nebula: Organize units with dropdown tags, categorizing your units as easily as sorting stars.
    • Date Field Constellation: Track important dates on a custom date column, ensuring deadlines don’t get lost in space.
    • Monetary Field Meteor: Add dollar amounts with a monetary field, keeping your income/expenses on the trajectory.
  • Admin Task Docking: Assign make ready tasks to admins, expanding your mission control options. you can now assign make ready tasks to admins
  • Crew Assignment Controls: Customize who can complete make ready tasks (vendors, technicians, or admins), giving you command over your crew’s assignments. select who can complete make ready tasks
  • Bulk Action Thrusters: Propel your make ready board management with efficient bulk actions.
    multiselect for make ready
  • Property-Level Customization Modules: Adjust make ready columns at the property settings level, fine-tuning your spacecraft’s controls.

Inspections Space Station Updates:

  • Communication Arrays: Updated Yes/No options to "Yes Issue" and "No Issue" for clearer transmissions.
  • Error Page Black Hole: A new error page for canceled inspection links prevents residents from drifting into confusion.

Reporting Satellite Enhancements:

  • Ratings & Reviews Radar: Scan through the new Ratings & Reviews report, gaining insights into resident sentiment and technician performance like never before. screenshot of our new rating and reviews report

General System Upgrades:

  • Selective Yardi Data Shields: Choose which work order categories to import from Yardi, giving you more control of your data universe.
  • Crew Member Export Pods: Export a list of staff members with ease, ensuring your crew roster is always up-to-date.
  • Icon Library Expansion: Over 150 icons are now available, decorating your dashboard like stars in the sky. screencast showcasing our new icon library
  • Unit Information Coordinates: AppWork can now tack the floor level for each unit providing precise location data.
  • Building Numbers: Building numbers can now be tracked for each unit providing even more information.
  • Timeline Calibration: Enhanced accuracy for timeline events during technician phone calls keeps your mission log precise.
  • Time Entry Module Adjustments: Edit time entries after task completion. *must have edit capabilities turned on from the system settings. Screenshot of settings to allow an admin to edit time entries

As we count down to this monumental update, we invite you to strap in and prepare for a journey that will take your property management to the stars and beyond.

Mission Control, The AppWork Team