Incident Reports

Start documenting internal incidents in a timely and concise manner. Digital reports allow you to track data and prevent future incidents. Keep all documentation in a single, easy-to-search location.
screenshot of our incident reports dashboard on desktop and a mobile device

Better Incident Tracking

Real-time incident tracking improves reporting. Long-term data tracking helps you prevent incidents from happening again.
track your incidents better with AppWork
Share, discuss, and make team decisions in one place.
Custom notifications keep everyone informed and aligned.
Know who's involved and how often other team members view your reports.
Get insights into the causes of incidents by collecting new data points.
Incident reports are crucial for the safety and well-being of your property. AppWork makes it easier than ever before to create, edit, and track them.

Mitigate Risk

Store evidence and proof in digital formats for effortless searching and access. Share data easily with insurance companies and lawyers.
improve your compliance by staying on top of incidents
Save every comment, photo, upload, and event with a time and date stamp on the timeline.
Capture crucial information on the spot with a mobile-friendly reporting interface.
We store all data in a cloud-based server for security and syncing.

Make Reporting Easy

We custom-designed our incident report module to make it easy for managers and supervisors to create these reports.
make it easy than ever before to report incidents
Download incident reports with the click of a button.
Attach pictures, videos, witness statements, police reports, and more.
AppWork uses existing system data to auto-populate fields for you.

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