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Get ready for a massive release that will impact your day-to-day operations significantly!

New Features

Performance badges: Create performance badges for your technicians to earn. Positive reinforcement and gamification boost morale and motivate technicians to improve. Company Admins can activate badges in Settings, under System Settings → Maintenance → Techs. With this feature, your techs will get positive reinforcement for completing work orders, getting high ratings, improved completion times, and no callbacks.

A screenshot showing a couple of performance badges

Recurring work orders: Start using AppWork for preventative maintenance. Does the pool need cleaning every week? You can create and assign a work order that automatically generates itself weekly. Save time by streamlining the creation of future work orders. Plus, we’ve added the ability to reopen canceled work orders individually and in bulk to save even more time.

Make ready calendar view: We’ve added a new calendar view for the make ready board! You can see the number of move-ins, move-outs, and work orders for each day of the month. See detailed information about each number with a click or tap. This new view provides quick insights into scheduling and workloads, improving turnover times.

A screenshot showing the make ready calendar view

Improved responsiveness: The entire work order section is fully responsive! Create and manage work orders on any device from anywhere you’re working. Check out our new mobile navigation. You can navigate through AppWork on a mobile device as easily as on a desktop. Also, we updated our log-in screen for mobile devices and made signing in easier than ever with Single Sign-On (SSO) using your Gmail or Microsoft account.

Revamped Auto Assign: We rehauled our Auto Assign feature enabling you to prioritize emergency work orders over regular work orders. Let AppWork assign work orders so you can focus on something else.

Additional New Features


  • You can give each maintenance category a personalized icon.
  • We’ve moved Staff settings to our new setting interface (under Application Settings).
  • We’ve also moved Property Group settings to the new interface.

Work Order Details:

  • Additional information includes the floorplan name and unit size.
  • Resident ratings and review comments appear in the work order timeline.
  • Easily edit the work order category and priority from within the work order.
  • When viewing the work order history, we updated the information on the completed work orders. You’ll see the completion date and the technician who did the work.

Make Ready:

  • You can add as many units as you want when adding a new row to the make ready board.
  • After marking a make ready row as completed, a timeline becomes available for that unit.
  • See in each cell when a task is scheduled, assigned, completed, or has comments, and it can show all the information simultaneously.
  • It’s easier to close popups and add notes (we’ve added a send button).
  • We changed the “thumbs-up” icon to a checkmark for increased clarity.
  • We’ve added a search field when assigning a make ready task. This field will search all techs and vendors assigned to that property.

Insight Reports:

  • The average open duration is listed concisely and consistently in the number of days.
  • We removed the make ready utilization percentage from the data shown on the report.
  • We removed make ready information from the notes section.


  • You can activate the technician locator map in Settings, under System Settings → Maintenance → Techs. This feature allows you to track technician movement and makes it easier for technicians to service multiple properties.
  • We’ve updated the filters on the top of the index page to make them easier to read.
  • Within each technician’s profile there is a badge tab where you can see all the badges they earned and their progress on future badges.


  • We’ve added a heatmap breaking down each unit and its number of open work orders. This feature will make it easier to identify problem units.


  • New report! View all open work orders by their status: Regular, Emergency, or Violation
  • All reports with more than one row include a total at the bottom.
  • The Parts Pending report has a summary and detail view. In the summary view, you can see the total number of parts pending for each property.
  • The Parts Pending report provides more information inside the details option, including the unit number and the date when the tech requested the part.
  • You can sort the Work Order Saturation report by the percentage column.
  • The Canceled Work Order report has a detail and summary option. In the detail view, each canceled work order has a row with the following information: category, property, who canceled it, the date of cancelation, and the reason.
  • In the Completed Work Order report, detailed view, you can click or tap on the row to see the work order details.


  • When you assign work orders to a vendor, the tasks appear in their profile.
  • We’ve updated the filters on the top of the index page to make them easier to read.

Rental Applications:

  • We’ve updated the entire design for improved usability! The new design is fully responsive and easy to use on mobile devices.
  • We’ve added an automated rental verification system to make onboarding easier than ever.
  • Online rental applications autosave once prospective residents enter an email address. Applicants no longer need to hit the save button.
  • We’ve removed unnecessary filters to simplify the page and make it easier to use.
  • Applicants can view the rental terms and conditions on a separate webpage. Managers can save and share the URL, making it possible to embed it on other sites.

Purchase Orders:

  • We’ve removed the option to add a new approver when creating a new purchase order.
  • We’ve created a new tier-based system so AppWork can automatically assign approvers to a purchase order based on the dollar amount.
  • We’ve implemented design improvements for better usability.
  • You can sort the columns on the purchase order index page.
  • The app will automatically send uploaded attachments in the emails sent to request approval. This makes it easier for managers to approve purchase orders on the go.


  • We’ve redesigned the index page to include columns for the floorplan name and unit size.