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March Madness Update for AppWork Admin Portal!

New Features

🏀 As March Madness sweeps the nation, we're bringing the excitement into our latest admin portal update! It's time to slam dunk those maintenance tasks and score some serious productivity points. Here's the game plan: 🏆

Victories (Features & Enhancements)

Fast Break Fixes: No more ghost work orders! We've tackled the pesky issue where techs received text messages about assignments but found nothing in the app.

Jersey Numbers for Work Orders: Every work order assignment text now comes with its own number, making it easier to identify your plays.

Alley-Oop Integration: For our ResMan clients, we're rolling out the Make Ready integration - setting up your plays has never been smoother.

Rookie to Pro: Introducing the "basic user" role—focused on the game without the playbook adjustments or the power to draft new players.

Playbook Clarity: We've revamped the wording and layout in system settings for better game-time decisions.

Manual Scorekeeping: Techs can soon add time worked manually, keeping the score accurate. Keep an eye out for the app update assist!

Highlight Reel Notifications: When admins get a shout-out in a Make Ready board comment, we’re now adding the task's name to the email cheer.

Scouting by Name: Searching for work orders? You can now scout by technician’s last name too.

Mobile Play Calls: Turn inspections into work orders right from the sidelines, aka your mobile devices.

Fan Feedback: Residents now must leave a star rating with their review, because every player needs a fan rating!

Bench Depth: Loads more small enhancements and improvements to keep the game smooth.

Defense (Bug Fixes):

Full-Court Press on Glitches: Reopening work orders is back in play, and ghost emails, blank Make Ready boards, missing vendor logos, and AWOL vendors in the page have all been benched.

Plus, a whole lineup of other bug squashes!

Remember, teamwork makes the dream work. Let's take this momentum and run with it, making every maintenance management challenge a slam dunk.

🎉 Here’s to winning your bracket—in March Madness and maintenance management! 🎉

—The AppWork Team