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The AppWork Eclipse

New Features

As the celestial bodies align and the anticipation builds for the upcoming solar eclipse, AppWork is shining brighter than ever with our stellar release! 🚀

Get ready to witness a total transformation in maintenance management as we unveil an array of dazzling features that are sure to eclipse your expectations. From more custom make ready columns to Google Reviews that move with the grace of a lunar transit, this update is poised to eclipse all previous versions. So grab your eclipse glasses and get ready to bask in the glow of efficiency, innovation, and a little touch of cosmic magic with AppWork ✨

1. FIVE New Custom Make Ready Columns!

Track your make ready progress like never before with five brand new customizable columns:

  • Days Vacant: See at a glance how long each unit has been vacant.
  • Floorplan Name: Quickly identify the floorplan of each unit.
  • SQFT: Know the square footage of your units with ease.
  • On Notice Resident Name: Stay informed about residents who are on notice.
  • On Notice Resident Number: Have their contact information handy for quick communication.

Update your make ready board with these new columns by navigating to settings > System settings > Make Ready > + Add New Column. *You must have the system admin or super admin role to update the settings.

Auto-populated Make Ready Columns

2. Bulk Actions Made Even Easier!

Managing your make ready board is now a breeze! You can now select entire columns for bulk actions, saving you time and effort.

Bulk selecting columns on the make ready board

3. Get Insights with the New Response Time Report!

Gain a fresh perspective on your maintenance performance with our new report. Track the number and percentage of work orders completed within specific time frames, either by property or team.

This report can be found under Reports > Response Time

Response Time Report Screenshot

4. Automate Work Orders from Inspections!

Say goodbye to manual work order creation! Enable automatic generation of work orders from completed inspections. AppWork will convert action items into work orders effortlessly.

To enable, navigate to settings > system settings > inspections > select edit on the inspection > settings

Automatically convert inspection action items to work orders

5. Online Reviews are Finally Here!

Encourage resident feedback effortlessly. Residents leaving 3-star or higher ratings will be prompted to post their reviews online. Customize review site preferences under Property Settings for maximum flexibility.

To enable, navigate to settings > property settings > maintenance > link for residents to rate work orders.

Post Resident Reviews Online

6. Stay on Top of Move-In Madness!

We understand the chaos that can ensue during make readies, especially when move-in dates start shifting like celestial bodies. Fear not! AppWork now has your back with a nifty alert system. If tasks are scheduled after the move-in date, we'll give you a heads-up to avoid any last-minute scrambles. Plus, we'll keep an eye on that move-in date for you. If it changes, we'll automatically add the alert if tasks are slated for after the new date. Say goodbye to move-in mishaps and hello to smooth sailing! 🏠

Never miss a move in with make ready alerts

7. Bug Fixes and User Experience Enhancements

We've squashed multiple bugs and made various improvements to enhance your experience.

And just like the fleeting beauty of a solar eclipse, our journey with today’s release comes to an end. But fear not, fellow stargazers of property management, for the brilliance of these new features will continue to shine bright in your daily operations. As you navigate the vast cosmos of property management, may AppWork be your guiding star, illuminating the path towards greater efficiency, smoother workflows, and a universe of happy residents. Until our paths align once again, keep reaching for the stars, and remember: with AppWork, the sky's the limit! 🌟🚀✨