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New Features: Tipping and Timing

New Features

With this release, your technicians can start accepting and withdrawing tips. We want to motivate technicians and unlock their next-level performances.

New Features

  • Technicians can receive and withdraw tips from residents. Residents receive an email upon work order completion.
  • Technicians can clock the time spent on work orders, make ready tasks, and inspections (when enabled for the property).
  • New status icons for code violations and emergency work orders for improved visibility.
  • We've added the ability to upload multiple images or videos to a comment.
  • Technicians can force the app to sync and update with a "pull-to-refresh" feature
  • We've added the history of other work orders done for a unit for easy reference and context.
  • Swiping left on an individual work order opens the next work order from the technician's list.
  • When a technician is working on a badge, they will see a progress bar next to that badge in their "Pending" list.


  • We upgraded the graphical user interface for ease of use and efficiency.
  • The homebar has a whole new look!
  • Technicians can see their customer ratings on task timelines.
  • Technicians can tag admins in comment when using the "@" sign.
  • On the homepage, make ready tasks show the unit number.
  • We've added more inspection icons for greater customization.
  • Work orders include more unit information than before.
  • Updated the comment counting feature for more accuracy.
  • Performance badges include the date on which technicians earned them.


  • The first comment in the timeline can be translated to Spanish.
  • We fixed general app issues that caused crashes.
  • Images are appearing again.
  • Users can view more than five comments in an inspection.
  • Some of the URLs in the comments are clickable, and will open a new tab in the device browser.