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Happy New Year, AppWork enthusiasts!

New Features

As 2024 dawns, we're excited to unveil our first release of the year, packed with features to streamline your property maintenance experience. This update is all about making your maintenance tasks quicker, easier, and more integrated.

From hassle-free work order submissions to seamless technician mapping with Yardi, we're setting the tone for a year of innovation and efficiency. Here's a glimpse of what's new:

1. 🚀 Easy-Peasy Work Order Submission: We've added a nifty feature that lets residents submit work orders with a breeze—no login needed! Find property-wide or unit-specific URLs on the work order and units pages. Quick and convenient, just how we like it! screencast of new resident link for creating work orders

2. 🛠️ Technician Mapping with Yardi: Say hello to seamless integration! Map your AppWork technicians directly to Yardi techs. Just hit the edit profile button, and you'll find a handy dropdown in the PMS Mapping field. Effortless synchronization at your fingertips! new pms mapping for technicians and Yardi

3. ⏱️ Tech Timer & Yardi Sync: Got the technician timer on? Great! Now, AppWork will post work order times straight to Yardi's labor section for each work order. Remember, your technicians need to be mapped to Yardi techs for this magic to happen.

4. 🔄 Auto-Ready Status from Yardi: Tired of double-duty? Enable the system setting to pull the 'ready' status directly from Yardi. It's all about efficiency—AppWork will now use Yardi's status, so you don't have to update it twice. getting make ready info from integration error message when trying to complete make ready

5. 📌 Smarter Make-Ready Board Management: Want to rely on your management software integration? Say goodbye to manual removals (move in and archive) of units from the make-ready board. Streamline your processes and keep things tidy and automated.

6. 💌 Revamped Email Notifications: Our email notifications just got a facelift. When admins are tagged in a work order, they'll receive a more informative email, including the property name for more context.

7. 🏷️ Work Order Priority in Yardi: AppWork now posts work order priority levels directly into Yardi. Set it up under settings > system settings > maintenance > PMS Mapping > Work Order Priorities. Keep your priorities aligned and visible.

8. 🔧 Technician Skills Assignment Fix: Resolved an issue where technician skills weren’t being properly considered when assigning work orders manually. No more headaches!

9. 📧 Enhanced Purchase Order Emails: Purchase Order emails now come packed with all the details you need, right in the email. Efficient and informative!

10. 🐞 Bug Fixes & Improvements: As always, we've squashed some bugs and made several improvements to ensure your AppWork experience is as smooth as silk.

As we embrace the possibilities of 2024, this latest release from AppWork is just the beginning of a year filled with innovation and progress. We're committed to continuously enhancing your experience, ensuring that each new feature not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Here's to a year of breakthroughs in multifamily maintenance management, where efficiency, convenience, and technology come together to create exceptional living and working environments.

Happy New Year, and may 2024 be a year of great success and advancements for all of us in the AppWork community!

Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!

– The AppWork Team 🌠🏠🎆