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AppWork & RentManager: So Happy Together!

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🚀 AppWork x RentManager Update is LIVE! 🚀 Hey there, fabulous RentManager users! 🎉 Ready for an update that bridges the AppWork and RentManager realms?

We’ve been hard at work (pun intended) to make these two systems feel like two peas in a pod.

appwork has improved its rentmanager integration!

Dive into what’s new:

🏢 Always Vacant, Always Ready: If a unit was chillin’ vacant when AppWork hopped on the scene, it'll now sport a neat checkmark in the move out column. So, no more guessing games; that checkmark means it's empty for real!

📆 A Little Nudge About Move Out Dates: Hey, we noticed RentManager plays it cool by not demanding a move out date straight away. So, when someone’s on notice without that date, AppWork gives you a friendly alert. It's our way of saying, “Psst, don’t forget to pop that date in!”

🛠 Double the Detail: Work orders? We're on it! AppWork is now serving up both the work order category AND subcategory straight to RentManager's Issue section. Talk about a quick peek packed with details!

🚫 Cancellation Chronicles: If a work order gets the ax in AppWork, it’ll gracefully dance over to RentManager as completed. But wait, there's more! You'll also see who played the cancellation card and why. Handy, right? Especially since RentManager isn't big on the whole "cancellation" thing.

👷🏽‍♀️ Technician Talk: Wonder who wrapped up that work order? The technician's name is now shining in the spotlight, right within the resolution comments in RentManager. Applause, applause!

🔗 Instant AppWork Access: Every work order in RentManager now flaunts a unique link in the comments. A single click, and voilà, you’re teleported to that exact work order in AppWork.

Time to explore these new features and let them make your day smoother and brighter! 🌟

If you’ve got feedback or a cool story to share about your AppWork-RentManager adventures, you know where to find us.

Stay awesome and keep rockin' those rentals! 🎸🏘