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Our Mission

To redefine property management software with a focus on user-friendliness, advanced reporting, and comprehensive analytics.

Our Story

Another day and...

Another work order lost in the shuffle. Another resident leaving because of shoddy service. Another canceled move in because the turn wasn’t complete in time, and decisions were made without anything backing them up. We needed a tool to improve our maintenance workflow, but nothing existed that filled our needs. Additionally, all of the property management software programs required extensive training and were still difficult to use, even after the training.

We wanted an intuitive, yet still comprehensive, a platform that requires no training. We wanted the ability to work anywhere, at any time, and on any device. We wanted more automation in our workflow to reduce errors and delays. We wanted all the information and data that we needed daily available with the tap of a finger.

We were told that what we wanted wasn’t possible, and to stop dreaming. Instead, we built our dream software. AppWork is a property management platform built by onsite property management teams (that’s us). We’ve stood where you’re standing. We know what you need.

We get it, and we’re on a mission to make your life, the lives of your team, and the lives of your residents better.

Meet the Team

Our Values

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We love what we do and we give 100% every day. Our passion keeps us optimistic, driven, and energized. In order to make your teams happy, we want our team to be happy.

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We want to keep it simple and smart, enabling maintenance teams to do more with smarter workflows, while improving collaboration between on-site teams and management.

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You have our full attention. We can only grow through incorporating your ideas, comments, and feedback. Working together for your success is the foundation of our success.

Our Affiliations

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Join the Team

We’re a diverse group of energized people. We inspire each other to grow personally while building the best business platform possible for property managers to get meaningful and visual content in an expedient manner.

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