Our goal is to maximize each property’s potential and NOI by modernizing multifamily maintenance and operations.

Property managers created AppWork. That means our struggles are your struggles. We’ve created an innovative software platform with a focus on minimizing training and maximizing efficiencies to overcome the daily problems faced by multifamily owners and operators (including us!).

Our Story

The Struggle is Real

Another day and we lost more work orders in the shuffle. Another resident left because of shoddy service and another vacancy was extended because the make ready tasks weren’t complete. We needed a tool to improve our maintenance workflow, but couldn’t find software that met our needs. The existing property management software programs required extensive training and lacked the basic features we needed.

We wanted an intuitive yet comprehensive platform that requires no training.
We needed the ability to work anywhere, at any time, and on any device.
We hoped for more automation in our workflow to lessen errors and delays.
We wanted all the information and data we needed available with the tap of a finger.
We couldn’t find what we wanted, so we created it instead.

Our Founders

Who are “we”? Michael Katz and Sean Landsberg.

Michael has decades of experience in multifamily as an investor, owner, and operator. Michael pushes the boundaries of “what’s been done” and explores “what could be”. Sean has extensive hands-on experience in multifamily management, overseeing the daily operations of a large company. Sean is passionate about technology, believing in its ability to solve real-world problems.
headshot of Michael Katz

Michael Katz

headshot of Sean Landsberg

Sean Landsberg

They spent years building, testing, and improving this app. They discovered what property managers needed; they figured out what worked and what didn’t; and they learned which parts of maintenance and operations were priorities. After years of hard work, they realized they had something unique to share—something that would revolutionize the multifamily industry.
Michael and Sean built software with a proven model. Starting in 2021, they started sharing this business model with other property managers. They get it. Your problems are their problems. They are working to better the lives of your teams and their teams combined.