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AppWork Top Maintenance Rating Badge Program: Terms, Conditions, and Policy

Terms and Conditions


  • The AppWork Top Maintenance Rating badge is awarded to properties that meet the required maintenance standards and receive high ratings from residents.
  • Properties must be active clients of AppWork and use the AppWork maintenance management system.
  • Evaluation Criteria:

  • Badges are awarded based on resident feedback, work order completion times, and overall maintenance quality.
  • Properties must maintain high performance in key areas including response time, service quality, and resident satisfaction.
  • Data Collection Cutoff: Data collection for determining the winners will be cut off on the first of each month when winners are announced (e.g., July 1st for the Summer badge).
  • Data Used: Only ratings for work orders completed during the evaluation timeframe will be considered. Eligibility is based on the work order completion date, not the rating date.
  • Reopened Work Orders: Reopened work orders will be counted based on the last completion date. Ratings will only count while the work order is closed before being reopened or after being completed again.
  • Badge Awarding:

  • Badges are awarded quarterly on the following dates: Spring: April 15th, Summer: July 15th, Fall: September 15th, Winter: January 15th.
  • Winners are notified via email and provided with a virtual badge for display on their website.
  • Use of Badges

  • Properties may display the badge on their website, marketing materials, and promotional content.
  • Badges must be used in accordance with AppWorks branding guidelines and should not be altered in any way.
  • Revocation of Badges

  • AppWork reserves the right to revoke badges if a property no longer meets the required standards or engages in activities that undermine the integrity of the program.
  • Properties will be notified of revocation and required to remove the badge from all materials.
  • Data Use Policy

    Data Collection:

  • AppWork collects data on work order completion times, resident feedback, and maintenance quality to evaluate properties for the badge.
  • Data is collected through the AppWork maintenance management system and resident surveys.
  • Only ratings for work orders completed within the evaluation timeframe are used. Reopened work orders are counted based on the last completion date.
  • Data Privacy

  • AppWork is committed to protecting the privacy of all clients and residents.
  • Personal data is anonymized and aggregated for analysis and evaluation purposes.
  • Data is stored securely and access is restricted to authorized personnel only.
  • Data Sharing

  • Aggregated data may be shared with third parties for research and analysis purposes, but individual properties and residents will not be identifiable.
  • AppWork does not sell or share personal data with third parties for marketing purposes.
  • Resident Surveys:

  • Resident surveys are conducted to gather feedback on maintenance quality and overall satisfaction.
  • Participation in surveys is voluntary, and residents can opt-out at any time.
  • Program Policy

    Program Management:

  • The AppWork Top Maintenance Rating badge program is managed by the AppWork client success team.
  • Regular audits and reviews are conducted to ensure the integrity and fairness of the program.
  • Feedback and Complaints:

  • Properties and residents can provide feedback or raise complaints about the program by contacting AppWork support.
  • All feedback and complaints are taken seriously and addressed promptly.
  • Changes to the Program:

  • AppWork reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions, and policies of the badge program at any time.
  • Changes will be communicated to all participants in a timely manner.
  • Use of Badge Guidelines


  • The badge must be displayed in a manner that is clear and visible to all website visitors.
  • Properties are encouraged to use the badge in promotional materials to highlight their achievement.
  • Branding:

  • The badge must be used in accordance with AppWorks branding guidelines.
  • The badge should not be resized, recolored, or altered in any way that compromises its integrity.
  • Promotion:

  • Properties may promote their badge achievement in newsletters, social media, and other marketing channels.
  • All promotional materials must accurately represent the nature of the badge and the criteria for earning it.
  • Compliance and Enforcement


  • AppWork monitors the use of badges to ensure compliance with program terms and conditions.
  • Properties found to be in violation of these terms may face penalties, including revocation of the badge.
  • Reporting Violations:

  • Violations of the badge program terms and conditions can be reported to AppWork support.
  • AppWork will investigate all reports and take appropriate action.
  • Enforcement:

  • AppWork reserves the right to take legal action against properties that misuse the badge or violate program policies.
  • Properties are responsible for any damages or losses resulting from non-compliance.
  • By participating in the AppWork Top Maintenance Rating badge program, properties agree to abide by these terms, conditions, and policies. AppWork is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and fairness in the administration of the program. For any questions or concerns, please contact AppWork support.