Work Order Tracking

While maintenance makes or breaks a property,
work order management makes or breaks maintenance.
You need a maintenance management solution that gives you an easy way to create and track work orders, while providing a comprehensive way to organize them.

Why AppWork for Maintenance Requests?

When residents feel in control and know that you are listening to them, they are more likely to stay.

Boost Productivity

As a property manager, more than half your time is spent on your maintenance operations.
You need to optimize every second of that time.

On our work order index page, you’ll get a complete view of your service order situation, from unassigned tasks to completed.

Filter by property, date, or keyword with the click of your mouse. Export or print data with ease.

Let our software auto-assign tasks to your technicians, saving you time and energy.

We built our maintenance management software based on our actual experience as property managers. We know what you need to succeed.

Eliminate the Learning Curve

You can buy the best maintenance app in the world, but if your technicians can’t figure out how to use it, then you’ve wasted your money. We’ve built a separate app for technicians.
Our goal is to make it as easy to use as Uber or TikTok.

With AppWork, your technicians will be up and running within five minutes on any mobile device.

Additionally, we’ve built our maintenance management solution around positive feedback and encouragement for technicians.

Technicians can earn badges, compete with each other, and start feeling accomplished.

Increase Resident Retention

You want your residents to stick around.
The obvious solution is to keep them happy, but it’s not always so obvious how to do that. Did you know that 90% of resident complaints revolve around maintenance?
One of our core tenets is empowering residents.

Make it easy for them to create work orders, comment on work orders, add pictures, and reopen them.

Keep them in the loop with real-time notifications and emails.

Give them peace of mind by sending them images of their technician, before the technician arrives.

Encourage them to give feedback through ratings and comments.

Work Order App Features

Make your job easier with help from AppWork's AI on work assignments.
A screenshot of AppWork on an iPhone 13
A screenshot of AppWork on a MacBook Pro
See where all your work orders are holding, with one glance.
A screenshot of AppWork on an iPad
Create service requests, work orders, and preventative maintenance tasks in a singular dashboard.

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Management Today

Stop guessing and start making informed 
business decisions based on real data.

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