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AppWork Announces Integration with Rent Manager

AppWork has a new RentManager integration

Innovative PropTech company expands its maintenance platform by adding an additional integration.

Ramsey, NJ: The AppWork team knows that modern-day property managers need the capability to customize their technology stack. While some property management companies can find a single software platform to fulfill all their needs, most companies need (and want) the ability to choose different software applications for different tasks, according to their specific requirements.

With this new integration, AppWork users will be able to pull data from Rent Manager for a seamless and efficient user experience. Joe Easton, Channel Partner Manager for Rent Manager, said, “The Rent Manager team is dedicated to providing a network of choice for our customers through our Integrations Program. So, we are excited that our platform has enabled AppWork to develop an integration and better meet the needs of the property management industry.”

In an interesting twist, the origins of both AppWork and Rent Manager are similar. Rent Manager was started over 30 years ago by Dave Hegemann, their President and CEO. He wrote a software program in his teens to help his family with the management of their mixed property. Eventually this program evolved into RentManager.

Parallel to this, AppWork was created as a solution for internal use. The founder of AppWork, who is also the CEO of Dasmen Residental, realized that everyone in the property management industry could benefit from its innovative and unique features. Additionally, since the program was tried and tested in real-world conditions, AppWork customers will benefit from a fully realized program.

In addition to developing revolutionary new features for its property maintenance application, AppWork plans to continue developing further integrations for maximum flexibility.

Yosef Gitlin, Lead Engineer at AppWork, expounds that, “We want to give our customers the option of using our cutting-edge maintenance software while using their existing software concurrently. Property managers must be able to sync data easily and accurately. By integrating with Rent Manager, among other platforms, we are empowering our customers with the ability to pick and choose the software most suited for each type of task.”