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AppWork Set to Modernize PropTech

Innovative PropTech company is releasing a maintenance app that was built by property managers for property managers.

Ramsey, NJ: AppWork is launching a new software for property maintenance management. The platform re-imagines the maintenance process at multifamily properties, as well as upgrading the digital portal experience for residents. The product designers envision better relationships between community managers, maintenance teams, and residents. The resident portal ties directly into the maintenance ecosystem, giving residents full transparency and control. AppWork’s mission is to simultaneously tackle and overcome three industry pain points:

#1: Complicated Systems With the current available property management platforms there is a steep learning curve to handle even the most seemingly basic of functions. This creates an expensive and time-consuming need for training, that is further compounded by the high turnover rate and lack of college education that is prevalent in the industry.

AppWork works to solve this issue with a sophisticated, yet comprehensive and intuitive platform that is as easy to master as Uber.

#2: Lack of Automation While human interaction is a necessary and integral aspect of property management, the ability to automate many daily tasks will consequently lead to increased efficiency and productivity. AppWork looks to minimize the dependence on manual input and interactions which inevitably lead to more errors, more delays, and ultimately a decrease in asset performance. Through AppWork’s systems that include virtual work orders and automatic tech assignment, there will be less reliance on manual input which can be prone to mistakes, but rather immediate and notable improvement to overall property performance.

a screenshot of work orders by status

#3: Improve Business Information There is never a boring day in the life of a property manager, which is why it is essential that all necessary information is easily and quickly accessible. To help managers make informed decisions, regardless of their relative experience, AppWork is focused on gathering data and displaying it in an easy-to-understand format. Building upon this business intelligence and analytics, AppWork will proactively inform managers about the best way to improve in areas that are struggling and focus on tasks with the biggest impact. It is akin to a coach who tells team members where they need to be and what they need to be doing with precise and automatic performance-based email alerts.

“The need for an automated, easy to use platform that would provide property managers with extensive data to drive better decisions is imperative for the industry,” says Nia M. Walters, Vice President of Sales at AppWork. “The features of AppWork are far superior to others in the industry.”

Along with the maintenance software and resident portal, the company is assiduously working on creating more platforms to bring property management software through the next decade and beyond.