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The Power of Verified Resident Reviews

residents giving a thumbs up in their apartment

In the world of property management, trust and transparency are paramount. Prospective residents rely heavily on reviews to make informed decisions about where they will call home. However, not all reviews are created equal. Many review sites allow anyone to leave feedback, often resulting in questionable credibility. Enter AppWork’s Top Maintenance Rating Badge Program—a game-changer that leverages verified resident reviews to ensure authenticity and reliability.

Authenticity Matters

AppWork’s Top Maintenance Rating badge is awarded based on verified reviews from current residents. This means that only those who have experienced the property’s maintenance services firsthand can provide feedback. By collecting reviews exclusively from current residents, AppWork eliminates the noise of potentially biased or inaccurate reviews, offering a clear and trustworthy reflection of a property’s maintenance performance.

How Verified Reviews Build Trust

  • Credible Feedback: Prospective residents can trust that the feedback they read is genuine and based on real experiences. This credibility is crucial for building trust and encouraging informed decision-making.
  • Transparency: Verified reviews provide a transparent view of a property’s maintenance services. Prospective residents can see exactly how well a property responds to maintenance issues, enhancing their confidence in choosing that property.
  • Consistency: Regular collection of reviews ensures that the feedback reflects the property’s current performance, not just past achievements or issues.

The Process of Verification

AppWork’s process for verifying reviews is rigorous. When a resident submits a review, it is linked to an actual maintenance work order completed at the property. This ensures that the feedback is directly tied to a specific service, providing a detailed and accurate picture of the property’s maintenance capabilities.

The Impact on Property Management

Verified reviews not only benefit prospective residents but also provide invaluable insights for property managers. By analyzing the feedback, managers can identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement. This continuous feedback loop drives service enhancements and motivates maintenance teams to uphold high standards.


The power of verified resident reviews cannot be overstated. They enhance trust, promote transparency, and provide a reliable basis for prospective residents to make informed decisions. AppWork’s Top Maintenance Rating Badge Program leverages this power to set new standards in property management, ensuring that properties are recognized and rewarded for their commitment to maintenance excellence.