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A Memorial Day Checklist for Property & Maintenance Supervisors

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Memorial Day is just around the corner, and it's time to ensure your property is ready for the holiday festivities. With residents hosting guests and enjoying communal amenities, it's essential to have everything in top shape. At AppWork, we’ve put together a checklist to help property management and maintenance supervisors prepare for a seamless and enjoyable Memorial Day. Let’s dive in!

1. Inspect and Service Appliances
Before the holiday weekend kicks off, check that all appliances in communal areas and rental units are functioning properly. Residents often host guests during Memorial Day, and ensuring that everything from ovens to refrigerators is working smoothly will help create a hassle-free experience.

2. Pool Preparation
If you have a pool, it should be open and ready for use by now. Make sure it’s crystal clear and well-maintained so residents and their guests can dive in and enjoy. A sparkling pool is always a highlight, especially during warm holiday weekends.

3. Enhance Curb Appeal
First impressions matter, especially with residents’ guests visiting the property. Perform landscaping, clean common areas, and touch up exterior paint to ensure your property looks its best. A tidy and attractive property reflects well on your management and creates a welcoming environment.

4. Communicate BBQ Grill Policies
With many residents planning to grill, it’s crucial to remind them of your BBQ policies. Ensure they know safe distances for grills from units and where centralized grill stations are located. This not only ensures safety but also compliance with property regulations.

5. Review Emergency Procedures
Safety first! Refresh your knowledge of emergency fire procedures and make sure residents are aware of them too. Being prepared for emergencies is key to ensuring everyone’s safety during the holiday celebrations.

6. HVAC System Check
Comfortable indoor temperatures are essential, especially with potential high occupancy during Memorial Day. Inspect and service HVAC systems to make sure they are running efficiently. No one wants to be stuck in the heat with a malfunctioning air conditioner!

7. Clean and Stock Common Areas
Deep clean and stock common areas with necessary supplies. Whether it's extra toilet paper in communal restrooms or fresh towels by the pool, well-maintained common areas contribute significantly to a positive experience for residents and their guests.

8. Pest Control
Schedule pest control services if necessary. Nothing ruins a holiday barbecue faster than unwelcome pests. Preventing pest issues ensures a comfortable and hygienic environment for everyone.

9. Waste Management
Ensure dumpsters and trash bins are emptied regularly and are sufficient to handle increased waste. With more activities and gatherings, managing waste effectively keeps the property clean and pleasant for all.

10. Parking and Traffic Management
Coordinate with staff to manage parking and traffic flow, and inform residents of any temporary changes. Smooth traffic and parking arrangements prevent congestion and ensure a pleasant experience for all.

11. Plan Special Events and Activities
Engage your community by planning and communicating any special events or activities happening on the property. From pool parties to BBQ cook-offs, fun activities foster a sense of community and enhance the holiday experience for residents.

12. Staff Scheduling
Finally, ensure adequate staffing levels for maintenance and security over the holiday period. Having enough staff on hand ensures quick responses to any issues and maintains property security, giving residents peace of mind.

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By following this comprehensive checklist, property management and maintenance supervisors can ensure a smooth and enjoyable Memorial Day for all residents and their guests. Happy Memorial Day from the AppWork team! We hope your holiday is filled with fun, relaxation, and community spirit.