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Hurricane and Recovery Tips for Multifamily Apartments

hurricane swirling over texas

In preparation for Hurricane Beryl, we created a few tips for multifamily apartment complexes.

Preparation Before the Hurricane

  1. Create a Communication Plan

    • Resident Notification: Ensure all residents are informed about the hurricane and your complex’s preparedness plan. Utilize emails, texts, and notices posted in common areas.
    • Emergency Contacts: Share emergency contact numbers, including local authorities and maintenance personnel.
  2. Secure the Property

    • Windows and Doors: Install storm shutters or board up windows and doors to prevent breakage.
    • Outdoor Items: Remove or secure outdoor furniture, decorations, and any loose items that could become projectiles.
    • Flood Barriers: Place sandbags around entrances and vulnerable areas to help prevent flooding.
    • Clear the Drains & Gutters: Clear the drains and gutters throughout the property to ensure water can flow away from the buildings.
  3. Documentation

    • Photographic Evidence: Take photos or videos of the property before the storm for insurance claims.
  4. Plan for Evacuations

    • Assistance for Vulnerable Residents: Identify and assist residents who may need help evacuating.

During the Hurricane

  1. Monitor Updates
    • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on weather updates and follow instructions from local authorities.
    • Resident Communication: Continuously update residents about the storm’s status and any new safety measures.

After the Hurricane

  1. Assess Damage

    • Initial Inspection: Conduct a preliminary inspection of the property to identify immediate hazards such as downed power lines, flooding, and structural damage.
    • Document Damage: Take detailed photos and notes of all damage for insurance purposes.
  2. Communicate with Residents

    • Safety Updates: Inform residents about the status of the property, potential hazards, and any areas that are off-limits.
  3. Start Cleanup and Repairs

    • Hazard Removal: Prioritize removing hazards like broken glass, fallen trees, and debris.
    • Professional Services: Hire licensed professionals for major repairs such as electrical and structural work.
    • Water Damage Mitigation: Use dehumidifiers and fans to dry out affected areas to prevent mold growth.
  4. Review and Improve Preparedness Plans

    • Debrief: Conduct a post-hurricane review with your team to evaluate the effectiveness of your preparedness plan.
    • Update Plans: Make necessary adjustments to improve future responses.


Proactive preparation and swift action are key to minimizing the impact of Hurricane Beryl on multifamily apartment complexes. By following these guidelines, property managers can help ensure the safety of their residents and reduce the extent of property damage. Stay safe and stay prepared!