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Internal Incident Reporting Platform

AppWork Unveils New Internal Incident Reporting Platform as Part of Its Existing Subscription Service

Ramsey, NJ, 9/12/2023 AppWork, a Ramsey-based PropTech leader focused on multifamily maintenance and operations, is excited to announce the launch of its all-new Internal Incident Reporting Platform. This comprehensive system is designed to revolutionize the way multifamily organizations handle internal incidents, from creation to resolution.

The platform offers a seamless experience for creating and tracking internal incidents in real time, ensuring that no issue goes unnoticed. It allows users to customize their incident reports to align perfectly with their Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

One of the standout features is the automated notification system that alerts the appropriate personnel as soon as an incident is logged. This significantly reduces response time and ensures that immediate action is taken. Additionally, the platform provides robust data export and retrieval options, enabling organizations to easily find and export the necessary data for analysis and preventive action planning.

What sets this platform apart is its focus on internal communication and collaboration. Built-in communication tools allow team members to collaborate effectively on each incident, ensuring a coordinated response and resolution.

James Craig, National Account Manager at AppWork, said, "We've listened to our clients and understand the need for a more streamlined, efficient way to manage internal incidents in the multifamily space. Our new platform is not just a tool but a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly into daily operations. It's designed to bring peace of mind to our clients, knowing that they have a reliable system in place for incident management."

We've listened to our clients and understand the need for a more efficient way to manage internal incidents in the multifamily space. Our new platform is a comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly into your daily operations.


The Internal Incident Reporting Platform is available now for all AppWork subscribers at no additional cost and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

About AppWork

AppWork is a Ramsey, NJ-based technology company that is redefining the landscape of multifamily maintenance and operations management. Specializing in solutions for property managers, leadership teams, technicians, and residents, AppWork offers a suite of features designed to simplify and supercharge maintenance operations. From easily creating and tracking work orders to real-time syncing of make-ready boards, AppWork employs AI and advanced algorithms to automate tasks and save valuable time. The platform also provides in-depth analytics, performance badges, and reviews to help you manage your maintenance team more effectively. With additional features like vendor management, actionable analytics, and mobile apps for technicians, AppWork is the comprehensive solution for all your maintenance and operations needs.

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