Meet our new national account manager

Meet AppWork’s New National Account Manager

Updated | 8/10/2022

Greensboro, NC: AppWork is excited to announce that we have a new National Account Manager: James Craig. He comes to AppWork with decades of experience in the multifamily industry. Craig started as a maintenance technician and worked his way up to Regional Maintenance Director before moving to the vendor side of the industry.

He spent over seven years as the Director of Multifamily/New Construction for a flooring company. During this time, he honed his interpersonal skills while dealing with high-level clients. Building and maintaining personal, long-term relationships in a business environment is one of his top skills.

Craig looks forward to working with AppWork clients. He said, “One of my key roles is helping our current clients and prospective clients better understand and recognize areas ripe for improvement. I want to educate them on the essentials of maintenance management.” His extensive experience in the maintenance field, and his talent as a solutions specialist, make him perfect for this.

Craig adds, “One of my main goals is giving our clients more time. The more time we save them, the lower their overhead will be.” He loves that AppWork gives community managers the ability to drill into the nitty-gritty details of callbacks. He comments, “Being able to dial into the specific details of each callback is one of AppWork’s greatest features. Also, the speed at which work orders are created and assigned will save our clients lots of time.”

Although he is still getting acquainted with the AppWork platform, he has been impressed with everything he’s seen. He’s excited to keep learning and to help communities improve the efficiency of their maintenance teams.

As a maintenance professional, Craig loved working with his hands and getting inside machines to learn how they work. With AppWork, he’s changed from nuts and bolts to zeros and ones, but when not working, Craig loves to tinker with his Harley Davidson motorcycle and work on a never-ending “honey-do” list.

The AppWork team welcomes Craig aboard. He brings industry knowledge and enthusiasm to the group. He also brings a passion for saving clients money.